SUN-KA Paper aims to improve its technology and quality consistently and to provide the customer on time and the best services without making any concession from its environmental approach.

Company Profile

Sun-ka Paper, with the experience of the years and 26-year success story, sense of quality and after-sale services has managed to be among 5 respectable grey cardboard producers in the paper sector in Turkey since 1989 and continues to provide added value to the sector and to create new openings.

Sun-ka Paper maintains its success by reflecting the needs of the sector and customer expectations in every aspect to its products and services with its customer-focused approach without interruption.

Sun-ka Paper, which has combined its experience in the sector and modern production and marketing understanding aims at increasing its quality standards with its innovative thinking.

SUN-KA Paper, which has adopted being a pioneer in the sector as a principle, has been specialized in the production of Laminated GREY SIZE CARDBOARD and COLOR BOBBIN CARDBOARD, and produces not only products with standard sizes in the market but also special size laminated size cardboard according to the demand of customers.


Sunka Paper, which was founded on a small area in Sungurlu by Ayhan Öztekin and his sons in 1989, started production with a small capacity like 1.000 kg. a day. Sun-ka Paper, which benefitted from the supply and demand balances in the market and which took the pulse of the sector continuously, maintained fast grow and increased its production to fifteen fold in a couple of years. Today, it is increasing the amount of the production more with its factory founded on a 15.000 m2 area.

Sun-ka Paper, which believes in knowledge and experience, has given importance to foreign source usage and aimed at working with the experts of the business in a number of subjects by following technological developments. So, it has transferred all of its energy to the production of paper, which is its main work, and its growing has accelerated thanks to structural changes that it entered in 2008-2009, with the importance it has given to institutionalization and information technologies.