Social Responsibilities

SUN-KA, as an institution having environment consciousness and sensitivity, have contributed to economy by organizing paper collection campaigns, in schools, public institutions and organizations with the slogan “Don’t let Papers get wasted!” and by increasing environment consciousness.

SUN-KA aims at new generations’ becoming conscious and sensitive about paper and environment subjects.

Social Responsibilities

Sun-ka gives weight to social responsibility projects.

We have speeded up the works of enlightenment by telling people recycling consciousness. We recycle waste papers with our Project “Bring one kg. papers, take one shoot” in Sungurlu and Çorum surrounding. In addition we attend to conferences related to the sector as speakers in universities and convey the importance of recycling and that how it is important for the environment to young generations. This consciousness should spread to all our people. First of all, we have to enable this consciousness to be settled on our children and teenagers so that it will be conveyed to next generations.

We meet education needs of students thanks to this consciousness and thanks to the teachers in villages who collect and bring used and waste paper to Sun-Ka. Companies in the sector are still importing waste paper from abroad. In order for this import to be stopped, it is necessary for consciousness in houses to change and papers should be thrown out to paper scrapheap, glasses to glass scrapheap and plastics to plastic scrapheap.